If you want to get rid of your Vulnerability, then Travel

Will travel helps you to find your calling?

Whenever we think about travel we mostly consume ourselves to avoid any screwed-up situation. Yes, it was an important aspect to see and I can’t resist that. I also think alan from the Hangover feature series was not supposed to be a good influence. But all I could suggest that, lose yourself and care less about your itineraries. It says a lot about you. Built a whole new personality of yourself.

The greatest justification for travel was not self-improvement but rather performing a vanishing act, disappearing without a trace.- Dark Star Safari

When I travel to places I might not have the best resources along with me but there comes the part to challenge myself. Where you talk to strangers to help or sometimes get a little knowledge of the place or try to visit their go-to places. Sometimes Google is not the only one who can help you out to choose what’s best. You can figure out too of yourself. When we cut off the horse blinder of only sneaking out into the phone and accept the inheritance of nature that is the way how you connect to like-minded people.

This is the most fascinating philosophy of travel there’s no judgment about a single thing; where you came from which community that person belongs to, all fades and what you remember is how his/her word made you feel to react. Finding a calling is the most cliche word in the dictionary of manifestation.

Never take yourself seriously, take your work seriously. – Piyush Pandey

I’m dedicated to this quote very deeply and If you have read this phrase till the point then you have your answer within you. Do whatsoever brain taking you are inspired by. Do what you love and take your work as a sacred business and it will automatically redirect towards your calling.

Choose your travel Companion very wisely…

Being spontaneous is our USP

You might get wrong while choosing your life partner but stay wiser while choosing your go-to companions. Sorry, I don’t want to bring sarcasm in between but it does play an important role in your travel.

It really matters if you are with the wrong people at an unknown destination. You just have invited a storm in your life which you’ll regret all your tour. And it may affect your bonding with that fellow. In my case, I just got lucky with these two. My friend Ashish Sakpal And Suresh Vishwakarma, One Maharashtrian and Marwari fellow. We take a sleep of max 7 hours in the night, less on the phone when we are touring, only ticket booking and at the time of checking we use phones. Also for some picture-taking events to look flashy on social media. That’s quite an easy ground rule which we three enabled.

The beginning…

By travel, I meant to not traveling to our hometown to visit on grandfathers or maternal grandmothers houses. Going to the places which have never explored by you. We only get tempted with other travel itineraries and made our mindset that it is not possible to travel to places without having a suitable budget-related to that. People don’t do research and always see other luxury hotel’s details and make up their mind that maybe it’s not my cup of tea. Maybe you’re right but sometimes proving wrong with your own perspective was really satisfying. Take your learning attitude into action and you’ll witness wonders.

If India is a traveller’s dream, then its 29 states are a country within themselves. – COTW

Have you seen the advertisement for Rajasthan Tourism? It’s an eye-opening campaign and the small visual appeals to all the travelers across the world to visit such a beautiful state of India. And it catches my attention to visit the place very spontaneously.

One day I’m about to go to the office as I have the night shift to and call rings. I check the phone it was my friend Ashish he asks me to come along for the journey to Udaipur. And I’m like; brother I’ve no money and tickets. Above all, in an hour I’ve to head back to work. I’m sorry but I can’t. And he said come along don’t worry about money I’ve some just come, we can manage and It’s for four days today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll have off.

Just make any excuse and come with us. I’m sorry to call at the last moment but come on man! it’s once in a lifetime opportunity and some shitty jargons he started. All I was had in my head was this advertisement. And this tagline “Rajasthan-Jaane Kya Dikh Jaye!” campaign by Ogilvy and Mather. And the small whisper came “रजत को राजस्थान कुछ ऐसा दिखा…” (This is how Rajat sees the Rajasthan). And I’m like let’s talk less I need to pack my bags and let’s meet in half n hour. It’s the first-ever decision I’ve taken on my own and I’m really proud of that. And sent a small message note to my Manager and left the home just tell my parents I’ll be back by Sunday.

I’ll better not tell the excuses here but somehow I managed that wonderfully. And Udaipur here I come.

So How’s Udaipur Rajat…

Udaipur is as beautiful as anyone can expect in their whole life. It has a wholesome vibe which no words can describe; the marvelous architecture, scenic beauties, awesome art-crafts, folk culture, modest human being, welcoming people everything was mesmerizing. We visited all the tourist attraction places. It’s like Just name it and we three was present there.

We had traveled 3 days 4 night and not even a single place we leftover this period. And in between that we have visited many of the tourist attraction places and markets, see some beautiful houses. And Jio’s network never lagged in a single place. And that is why most of the creator is shows up the instant social media post or stories as they don’t get the trouble of the network issues. More importantly, every turning point was as photogenic as the previous turn. Hence you don’t need to edit your photos much just a little contrast or sharpen effect will blow everyone’s mind when you flash your picture on the internet. Unless you are obsessed with editing pictures. Udaipur is a tourist-friendly place. Not just because most of the people’s living based on tourism, If you believe that then it was only the commercial aspect you are seeing. But people here not seeing this as a duty they understand the meaning of existence.

What way possibly you get to see what others do not…

Gangur Ghat next to Bagore-ki-Haveli

In between these day’s we have visited one of the best forts in Udaipur, ride a camel, did a boat ride around Jag mandir palace, attained the classical folk dance, Listen to classical folk song, puppet shows, visited the soul place of Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela movie where Ranveer Singh performs one of the iconic scenes of “Raam Leela” Movie.

I thought to perform the scene “Leela jaisee koi nai”. But as usual, I’m not Ram, and apparently, there’s no Leela around so I controlled and try to capture the vibes around the Gangur ghat. It’s epic. It one of the best sunsets. Everyone says if you want to witness one of the best sunsets then try to reach towards the fort as from the height it feels astonishing. But I’ll suggest that better anyone planning to see the sunset view try to come as the Begore ki haveli and the stop at the ghat of Gangur and sit calmly see birds flying and the view the sunset. Also after the sunset, you can enjoy the Dharohar show which is one of the attractions of Udaipur’s limelight.

Also, we had a picture with a very special person who is the heart of the event called “Dharohar Art”. And she’s the most modest person and true to her art kind of person. There’s a lot to learn when you interact with such inspiration. Her name is Jaishree and she was 72 years old and graceful in her art form.

Adventure Psyche…

But if I tell you after doing so much fun I’m still finding myself inadequate, not completely satisfied with what I had witnessed so far. Although I had so much fun and I get thrilled with various experiences. Maybe that was my chemical imbalance of brain where I’m being over-ambitious about the tour. These all are the things that still feel like tourists to us but what we really want to do travel. Travel to the unknown, find the meaning of real exploration. And that is why the next day we try to visit the place called Kumbhalgarh. I have immense respect for taking the route and to thank Udaipur for leading me to this place. As this place have out to the city Udaipur. It takes our complete last day. So we checked out of the hotel and take our backpacks with us.

In between the days we as usual waited for the first early bus which will be taking us to that route of “falna” and from falna we need to take some private vehicle and reach Kumbhalgarh. Unfortunately, the bus tire gets punctured and this is the serious part where our mood gets spoiled and the place feels like a complete village where it surely gonna take a lot of time to take help and get the things short out. And in our success rate of luck, we are not that lucky to get to Kumbhalgarh on time. And slowly the people have started taking the help of some local vehicles and started leaving the bus. Had the remaining ticket fees which we have paid for the destination, our whole luggage bag are in hand. And that was adventurous which making all of us anxious. We have checked out from the hotel as we are not coming to the city again and directly head back to the station for the night train to Mumbai.

But it felt like we are not going to make up for anything. And after getting a few steps on the road the small low-maintenance minibus has stopped and it filled with whole local commuters with their baby goat. And some villager women and the old men and surprisingly two old foreigners. I give gentle smiles as they look like a researcher. I have not made enough conversation to mention here but. I feel a lot of humility in it. I take this whole instance as an experience and honestly I’m not being conscious in that moment where I’m not dwindling with any pressure of when I will reach whether we like that particular place or not, etcetera. Nothing I’m just in a moment making a conversation with people whose language I’m not at all aware of. But everywhere the pattern is the same to show gratitude about things. And as the stops are coming the bus has opened its arm for every passenger.

And I and my friends thought about how we can really make our free time as this bus not allowing our space. We are enjoying all that but somewhere we can not make comfortable with our travel vibes. And then we head to the conductor and made a deal to let us travel on the roof of the bus. And hell we did that. And only instruction via a conductor was that make sure whenever a tree comes closer to slap your face you better duck it. This was the most essential and helpful advice we get. And we forget about the destination and what really matters to us is that our journey.

It’s been almost two years since the Udaipur journey but ever since I open my gallery to see the picture to the live glimpses, I find myself in a true wanderlust.

Here is my Instagram profile If you wish to see the picture from my Udaipur journey.

Disclaimer: If you find any correction in this article please do not hesitate to correct me… I’m no superior to judge this kind of work but yes I’m curious. And always consider there is the scope of improvement everywhere unless we are not ready to accept and act upon the better version of ourselves 😊. Cheers!


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